Pharmacy Austin, TX

Fast, easy and convenient.
One stop. One pharmacist. One goal.
All under one roof.

We’ve brought the pharmacy to you.  There’s something comforting about having all of your medical needs met at one location. For that reason, a full-service pharmacy is  available at ADC North, where many of  you receive your medical care.

Having a full service pharmacy on-site allows you to pick up your prescriptions on your way out the door—no need to make an additional stop. Simply need a refill? Ask the pharmacy staff about our convenient home delivery program, and receive your medications at home and on time.  The pharmacy accepts all major insurance
plans and delivers competitive cash pricing on the same drugs as the neighborhood pharmacy.  As integral members of the care team, you’ll find the pharmacy staff knowledgeable, friendly and eager to provide you with the best possible care

Refills made easy

3 EASY WAYS we can handle your prescription refills:

  1. By phone: Call us at 1-512-901-4797 and we’ll start processing your refill
  2. Electronically: We can text or email you when your refill is ready: https://pioneer.rxlocal.com/Secure/austindiagnosticclinic.rxlocal.com/Refill
  3. By mail: Choose to have us automatically refill your prescription(s), and we’ll mail them to you at home and on time.

Our primary goal is to find the most convenient and cost effective way to serve you.

Need prescriptions transferred?

That’s easy! Simply fill out the pharmacy transfer form on the back of this brochure,
and we’ll call your present pharmacy to have your prescriptions moved.

Have multiple medications that are refilled at different times?
No problem! Ask our pharmacy staff about OnePoint—our medication synchronization program that conveniently and cost-effectively manages all of your

Did you know that the ADC Pharmacy . . .

  • has a Customer Loyalty Program?  Ask for a Customer Loyalty punch card, and for every prescription you have filled, you will receive a punch on your Customer Loyalty punch card; after 10 punches, you will receive $10.00 off your next purchase of an over-the-counter item at the ADC Pharmacy
  • offers competitive pricing?
  • accepts most manufacturer rebate and discount cards (with the exception of 3rd party discount programs) for prescriptions?
  • will facilitate transferring your prescriptions from another pharmacy?
  • has helpful and friendly staff to answer questions regarding prescriptions or over the counter medications?

One Stop. One Fill. One Payment.
More questions? Just ask!

Pharmacy services brochures:

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