Infusion Services

IV Therapy and Infusion Austin, TX

At The Austin Diagnostic Clinic provides  in-office infusion therapy for patients at these offices:

Round Rock Infusion Room

Infusion Room at ADC Round Rock


Infusion services range from simple hydration to complex multi-drug infusions.  We provide IV Iron therapy, Solu-Medrol, IV Immune Globulins, Remicade, Orencia, Actemra, Benlysta, Simponi Aria, Rituxan, Cytoxan, Tysabri, Reclast, Boniva.

Our nurses are experienced at accessing and/or drawing blood from ports, central lines, PICC lines and standard peripheral IV access devices. Additionally, we perform therapeutic phlebotomies daily.

We do not treat acute infectious conditions requiring IV antibiotics, and we do not provide blood products or platelets.


Insurance coverage for infusion procedures is verified in advance and our insurance coordinator will work with you to explain coverage for services and any costs or co-payments for which you may be responsible. Depending on the infusion services you receive and your diagnosis, there may be assistance programs available to help you with your costs. We will assist you with program applications if necessary.

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