How to register for MyADC

If you are new to MyADC, you can register here by clicking on “Register Now” on the MyADC link.

MyADC Welcome Page at adclinic.com

  1. Complete the registration form. Your ADC account number can be found on a previous billing statement, or you can ask the ADC Business Office for your account number by calling 512-901-4600.
  2. Create a username.
    At least 5 letters long
    No special characters (@,*-)
  3. When finished, click “Next,” then “Continue.”
  4. MyADC will email you a temporary password. Find and open the email.
  5. Go to the log in page.
  6. Enter the USERNAME you selected and the temporary password that was sent in the email.
  7. Reset your password.
    Minimum of 8 characters (can be longer)
    Have at least one UPPERCASE letter
    Have at least one number
    Your password may also include special characters
  8. Log in again using your new password. Once you are logged in:
    Read and accept the “Terms of Use” agreement.
    Verify your email address.
    Set up your security questions.

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