How parenting goals can help you be closer to your children

The new year brings thoughts of renewal and new beginnings for most adults. But, what about our children?

Father reading to son and niece

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This time of year offers adults and children alike a chance to start over.

Goal-setting is a wonderful way to sit down as a family, talk openly, and get to know your children on a deeper level.

What are their dreams? Hopes? Talents? What are their deepest hearts’ desires?

Such a meeting gives everyone a chance to set family goals and make plans for the upcoming year.

How can we help others, what new things can we try, how can we learn as a team and, most importantly, how can we spend more quality time together as a family.

Goals that parents set should be:

  • Specific
    Instead of saying ” I am going to read more,”  say, “I am going to read one book a month.”
  • Measurable
    This provides for a sense of accomplishment when the goal is reached.
  • Realistic
    A child who has never been in a pool is hardly likely to win first place in the swim meet; however, successfully finishing a first swimming lesson would be attainable.

Whatever they come up with, be sure to write their goals down as specifically as you can and be sure to revisit them on a monthly basis to see how things are coming along. At this time you can see if anyone needs help in attaining their goals and hopefully provide the necessary guidance to accomplish them.

Goal setting can bring you closer as a family and help start habits in your children that will lead to their future success as adults.

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