Why choose ADC’s weight loss program?

HRM shakes and pudding

Research proves meal replacements are the best way to lose weight.

Over 70 scientific references show that meal replacements (mportion-controlled, calorie restricted meals like the HMR® shakes and entrees) produce substantially greater weight loss and weight loss management.

  • On average, more than 3 times as much weight is lost and maintained using meal replacements compared with traditional diets.
  • Meal replacements can be safely used for people with diabetes, as well as other medical conditions.
  • Meal replacements improve dietary compliance, overall nutritional intake, and can lead to reductions in all measured medical risk factors.

Meal replacements are emerging as a state-of-the-art strategy for weight loss and maintenance.  They may be used for long periods or indefinite periods since they are ‘real meals’ that are simply prepackaged. Meal replacements may be transported between home and work and are easily prepared in a short time.

Meal replacements produce greater weight loss and maintenance than other diets

A comprehensive review concluded that “patients consumption of portion controlled diets, including liquid meal replacements, was associated with significantly greater short-term weight loss than diets comprised of other foods.  The use of portion controlled servings,  including meal replacements, currently has the strongest evidence of long-term efficacy.

Safely used for people with type 2 diabetes

Studies demonstrate that the use of meal replacements is a viable strategy for weight reduction in diabetic patients, resulting in beneficial changes in measures of glycemic control and reduction of medications.

Improves dietary compliance, nutritional intake and reduces risk factors

The use of meal replacements has been found to improve food choice behavior and nutrient adequacy, even when following a reduced energy intake.