What’s making you itch and sneeze?

What to expect when having an allergy test performed

Closeup of allergy multi-test

You wouldn’t take high blood pressure medication without a diagnosis from your healthcare specialist, so why take allergy medication without knowing exactly what triggers your symptoms? The best way to treat allergies is to visit one of our allergists for an allergy test.

Before you schedule an appointment, consider what to expect when you have an allergy test performed at our allergy clinic.


It’s important to schedule a consultation with one of our allergists before undergoing allergy testing. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the treatment options, and allow you to discuss any pre-testing requirements. For example, your allergist may recommend you stop taking certain medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants and heartburn medications in advance of testing.

Patient History Questionnaire

The ADC Allergy department will have you fill out a patient history questionnaire before your first allergy visit. This will include describing your symptoms and triggers you have seen for them, current medicines you are taking, other health problems you have, and your family history of allergies and asthma.

Skin Testing

You allergist will likely administer a skin test to determine if you are allergic to airborne allergens, certain foods, insect venoms, and medications. Using the Multi-Test II device, your doctor will apply up to 64 skin tests to your skin within a 30-second period. The Multi-Test II device provides results within 15-20 minutes after the test. If the test is positive, then your skin will show a reactionsimilar to a mosquito bite at the test site that will go away within an hour. Negative test results may be double-checked using an intradermal test, in which a small amount of the antigen is placed under your skin with a very fine needle.

Here at ADC, our allergy and immunology specialists welcome adults and children to our offices.

For more information call 512-961-6871 and ask for the Allergy department. Appointments can be made by calling 512-901-4052.