What you need to know about a body composition & fat analysis

A body composition scan, also know as a DXA scan, is a low dose X-Ray and takes about 20 minutes. The scanner measures the grams of lean tissue, fat and bone in your body while producing an X-Ray type image of your body.

Skinfolds (calipers) and bioelectrical impedance — the tests commonly used in gyms — provide less accurate and less detailed information.

The cost for the exam is $85. This scan is not covered by insurance.

  • The DXA scan table has a weight limit of 350lbs and a height restriction of 6’5″;
  • Wear casual workout wear without zippers, studs or snaps.

You will receive the results the same day, after your scan is completed.

Use the results to set personal goals or take them to your next visit with your doctor to receive advice or recommendation about your weight/fitness goals.

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