Weight loss success story: Denette

Denette Plessala, a 2012 participant in ADC’s Weight and Health Risk Management program has seen weight loss success! She shared her story – what led her to the program and how it’s changed her life.

“My name is Denette Plessala. I am 50 years old – Yay! I’m a grandma. And love it. To date, I’ve been in the program since April and I’ve lost 42 pounds.”

How did you find the weight loss program?

“There’s a doctor here – Dr. McDermott – and I was seeing her and she knew that I had an issue with my weight and I was having a lot of stress at work which was causing a lot of chest pains. She said, ‘There are 2 things you need to do. Number 1, you need to try this program with Austin Diagnostic Clinic and number 2 you need to go talk to somebody.’

What changes have you noticed since you first joined?

“When I first started out my feet hurt, my knees hurt, I have lower back problems, and like I said I’ve got a grandson who’s going to be 4 in September. And he likes to climb in his tent and do stuff, and he always wants Grammy to come join him. Grammy would get down but Grammy couldn’t get back up again. You know, he’s my first and there’s going to be more coming, so it was time to do something with my body.

“My feet do not hurt. My knees do not hurt. Occasionally I get a little bit of back issues and stuff, but I feel so good. My whole mental thinking is gone, and I still… I walk past a mirror and I do a double take with myself sometimes. Is that really you? I mean, it’s like going back in time, because you really do not realize how much the weight puts on you – the puffiness. And just to see the people look at you and they light up when they look at you – “hey skinny!” Well I didn’t turn around. But, it’s incredible. I just feel good.”

What have you learned from the program?

“I don’t have to take pills to lose weight. I have learned that exercise does go hand-in-hand because in every thing that I’ve done, I’ve either taken the diet part of it or the exercise part of it, and didn’t do either one very well, because I didn’t put the two together.”

What would you say to someone considering a weight loss program?

“Pills are not the way to go. They hurt you. I have tried every diet out there. I have spent beaucoups of money, and unless you get out there and find… this program is medically-supervised, so you’re getting your lab work done, you’re being seen by a doctor, you’re being weighed each week. You have to go to class. So you are getting your nutrition spelled out for you and how to work the program. You have accountability with other people in the class. This is the way to go.”