Weight loss success story: Chase

Chase Kelly, a 2012 participant in ADC’s Weight and Health Risk Management program has seen weight loss success! He shared his story – what led him to the program and how it’s changed his life.

“My name is Chase Kelly. I’ve been in the program about 4 1/2 months, and as of today actually I’ve hit 102 pounds lost, so I’m extremely excited about the program.”

What led you to ADC’s weight loss program?

“I was looking at bariatric surgery options, and I was like, ‘You know, I don’t really want to go down that road if I don’t have to.’ It seemed pretty risky. So for me, if I could find a program that was successful, that was doctor-monitored, and this one is actually really close to my work. And looking at the results — some of the research on the program — it seemed like it was well-supervised and worked for a lot of other people, so for me it was a good option.”

How did you add physical activity?

“The first week or two I just focused on learning the skills to make the food in the program and making sure I incorporated everything into my routine. And then I felt better — after a couple of weeks I felt better physically so I started going to the gym every morning, and I’d get on the treadmill and I’d walk for 15 minutes, And that was a lot. And then I’d walk for 20 minutes. And then I started measuring it in distance. And now… my favorite part was when I got to the point where I was walking really fast and I was like, “I wonder if I can run?” And so I started running and I could run, and now I run 4 miles a day and absolutely loving it.

“So I’m really excited. The physical activity is one of the best parts of the program for me. It’s really motivating and it helps the weight loss.”

What has been the reaction to your weight loss?

“The reactions are really great. In fact, today someone was walking down the hall and they were like, ‘I saw you far down the hall, and you’re dressed like Chase, but you don’t look like Chase. You look great.’ And it’s fun. I look forward to going on seeing people that I haven’t seen in a while because they generally will double take to look at you, because I look different than I did before.

“They’re really positive about it. There’s a lot of encouragement, a lot of support, and “Good job, keep it going!” kind of thing. So it’s really positive and really great to see the results and see people’s reactions to the results.”

how has it changed your life?

Chase Kelly

“It’s not a quick fix. It’s a change in your lifestyle. But once you’ve made the decision, it’s very easy to incorporate. It’s an hour a week for a meeting. The doctors check you, which is really great for your health. You family really appreciates that usually. And in terms of the day to day it’s faster I think than eating fast food or going out to dinner or even making a big dinner at home.”

How do you feel?

“The way that I feel is probably the biggest thing that I’ve gotten out of it. I feel so much better than I did before. And I have so much more energy, so I can keep up with my kids. We do a lot more things outside than we ever did before.”

What do you tell people about the program?

“If somebody asks me if there’s a faster way to do it,  or is there a different way to do it, I generally tell them I’ve tried all of those ways – I’ve tried everything, and for me this has worked because there’s a support factor, there’s a medical factor — that health factor — and then there’s flexibility in the program.

“It’s not just a fast – a liquid fast diet – which I’ve tried before. There’s different aspects of the diet which allow you to have foods you can chew, things that are convenient. So I tell them it’s not as difficult as a fad diet. Once you get going, it’s actually faster than that and you know you’re going to be healthy at the end and it’s not going to come back.”