What to wear to ACL Fest

How to dress comfortably and smart for ACL Festival

Mud at ACL Festival: What to wear

Image source: Flickr

There is a saying in Central Texas, that if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change.  And as tempting as it may be to dress for style over function, but it’s more important to put thought into what you plan to wear to ACL Fest.  Festival-goers will be walking a lot — sometimes over uneven terrain or in muddy conditions.

“Festival goers should wear or pack layers of clothing so they can adjust to any changes in temperature or weather,” said Dr. Erica Moeller, ADC Urgent Care. “Wear something cool, but bring a sweater or light jacket.  Also be sure to wear comfortable and safe shoes such as sneakers.  Avoid flip-flops, sandals, or high heels.”

Dr. Lisa Gaw, ADC Urgent Care pediatrician, agrees.

“Layers give you versatility. Cotton clothing breathes better than synthetics,” she said. “Definitely wear good walking shoes. This is not the time to break in new shoes.”

You may even want to bring an extra pair of shoes just to be safe.

Shorts coupled with light colored and lightweight clothing will be best to stay cool in the high temperatures and large crowds. Avoid black clothing. Be mindful of potential weather changes and rain and dress accordingly.

Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes. Hats are a good choice as well to avoid getting a sunburn on your scalp and to protect the face from harmful sun rays. Just remember to dress comfortably and be mindful of the temperature levels.