Urology/Urodynamic Procedures: Pre- and Post-Discharge Instructions

Pre-Procedure Preparation

  • You may eat and drink as normal prior to your procedure.
  • Please take all medications as normal the morning of the procedure with the exception of bladder control medication.
  • If you are ill the morning of the procedure, please call to reschedule. This procedure is designed to study your bladder in its normal state, and if you are not feeling well we cannot accomplish this goal.
  • No sedation is used during the procedure. It is not required and would alter the test results.

Post Procedure Instructions

  • Immediately after your procedure, you may return to your normal activities. You may notice some burning upon urination for the first day or so. This is due to irritation from the catheterization.
  • Please drink plenty of water for your symptoms to clear up.
  • Please follow up with your urologist or referring physician for further treatment options.