Types of eyeglass lenses

eyeglasses on reading chart

There are many different types of lenses to choose from when selecting your eyewear.  Here are a few that are available at the ADC Optical Shop.  Feel free to ask one of our opticians for more information.

Easy Adapt Free-Form Progressive Lenses- New Digital Progressive Lenses provide

  • Faster adaptation
  • Less swimming sensation
  • Wider intermediate and near viewing areas

Glare-Shield Lenses reduce

  • Unwanted annoying reflections off of the lens surface
  • Compromised vision due to the flare and glare of night driving
  • Scratches on lenses by use of newest hardcoat technology

Computer-Relief Lenses offer

  • Relief from eyestrain related fatigue
  • Relief from Sore Neck Syndrome
  • Appropriate focusing for computer use

Sun-Polarizing Lenses eliminate

  • Harmful ultra-violet rays from sunlight
  • Blinding glare from water, road surface, and glass
  • Scattered light

Thin-Index Lenses offer

  • Reduced edge thickness and bulk of lenses
  • Protection from harmful U.V. Rays
  • Durable drill mounted lenses

Auto-Adjusting Tint options available:

  • Transitions technology adjusts to any lighting condition
  • New Transitions Vantage adds polarized technology to Transitions lenses
  • Drivewear adjusts for atmospheric changes: polarizing yellow-green to vermillion