Live Twittercast: Da Vinci Laparoscopic Supra-Cervical Hysterectomy

Warning: Graphic images!Dr. Wendy Cutler, an OB/GYN with ADC, and a patient invited us to learn more about a procedure using the Da Vinci robotic surgical tool. Out of respect for patient privacy and the wishes of the patient, we do not reveal any private health information.

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Cindy & Sally here getting ready for a live twittercast w/ Dr. Cutler, Ob/gyn @ 12. Join us! http://yfrog.com/nxka0wgjAustinDiagnostic
In about 15 minutes we will begin our live twittercast of the di Vinci laproscopic supracervical hysterectomy with Dr. CutlerAustinDiagnostic
This is Sally, I’ll be doing the tweeting during the procedure. Im going to shorten the procedure to LSH to save my sanity #askADCAustinDiagnostic
We are just waiting on Dr Cutler. The patient is currently being prepped in the ORAustinDiagnostic
Have a question for Dr Culter or about the LSH procedure? Let’s us know! We will try to answer them during/after the procedure #AskADCAustinDiagnostic
Worst part about surgical masks? My glasses fogging up!! #ORproblemsAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is scrubbing in! We are about to beginAustinDiagnostic
We are in th OR! Surgical team is prepping the patient.AustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is prepping the patient http://yfrog.com/j2mz3zwj #adcobgynAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is beginning the LSH #askADC http://twitpic.com/b71uf6AustinDiagnostic
Here comes the di Vinci machine! #askADC #divinci http://twitpic.com/b71vbmAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is starting on the left side. Everything is looking good. #askADCAustinDiagnostic
View of the uterus from da Vinci camera http://yfrog.com/h2zinlwjAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is being joined by Dr Yvette Guitierrez-Schieffer at this momentAustinDiagnostic
My view from the corner of the OR. The monitor to the right is the camera view. #askADC http://twitpic.com/b71wwpAustinDiagnostic
Dr Guitierrez-Schieffer scrubbed in! http://twitpic.com/b71xsyAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler has done hundreds of cases using the di Vinci robot. Much less invasive than traditional hysterectomies. #askADCAustinDiagnostic
I wish my camera conveyed just how cool this is!AustinDiagnostic
Dr Schieffer at front. Dr Cutler is on the other side of the robot http://twitpic.com/b71zcbAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is cauterizing the uterine artery preparing for removal of the uterus. Almost zero blood! #askADCAustinDiagnostic
Photo from #davinci camera of uterus #lsh #askadc http://yfrog.com/gzwh1wcjAustinDiagnostic
Dr Culter is detaching the uterus from the cervix. Remind me to ask how common it is to keep the cervix intact. #askADCAustinDiagnostic
The docs have a hi-def view to do surgery. #askadchttp://yfrog.com/mnkypqojAustinDiagnostic
My cohort, @CindyBrummer is getting video of the procedure Dark OR and iPhone camera doesn’t help capture the monitors wellAustinDiagnostic
Uterus is detached!! Dr Cutler pointed out endometriosis on the monitor #askADCAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler say this material will help prevent bleeding #askadc http://pic.twitter.com/T18Mhkx3AustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler is using a product called SurgiSeal to help seal off sutures and prevent any complications #askADCAustinDiagnostic
And we are done! Just time to close up incision sites and head to recovery http://twitpic.com/b72antAustinDiagnostic
Thanks to Dr Wendy Cutler for allowing us to participate in today’s surgery. #askADCAustinDiagnostic
ADC ob/gyns finishing #lsh http://pic.twitter.com/VDz6q8onAustinDiagnostic
Drs Cutler & Schieffer wrapping this surgery up #lsh #adcobgyn http://pic.twitter.com/IcrLu34dAustinDiagnostic
Dr Cutler closing patient #adcobgyn http://pic.twitter.com/C2nRGiiYAustinDiagnostic
Just verified the bladder is intact. All good! #adcobgyn http://pic.twitter.com/TSDcyRRAAustinDiagnostic
All done! Thanks Dr Cutler! #lsh #adcobgyn http://pic.twitter.com/77tDNdeDAustinDiagnostic