Treatment options for vaginal dryness

For women who experience vaginal dryness, treatment options are available through your physician’s office that are safe and effective.

Dr. Michele McDermott, Menopause and Osteoporosis Specialist at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic, explains what some of those options are in the third part of a three-part series on bio-identical hormones:

Video Transcription

Now I would like to tell about another option you can use if your main problem is vaginal dryness but you don’t think you need hormone therapy for other symptoms. Or, you may have already discontinued hormone therapy, but you still have the symptom of vaginal dryness. Or you may be concerned about the side effects of taking hormones through your whole body.

You may prefer to take hormone therapy for the symptom you have such as vaginal dryness or painful sex. We have several really good options for that.

There is a vaginal cream, which is estradiol. Just like what your ovary makes. It comes in a little tube. You can apply it a few times a week. It is very easy.

There is a tablet that comes in an applicator. Many women like this kind of applicator to insert a little tablet of estradiol. It is bioidentical. Each applicator has one dose. It is inserted in the vagina twice a week.

All of these products are approved by the FDA for symptom relief.

Finally, there is a vaginal ring which is very popular. It looks rather larger, but when it is inside the vagina it is not felt by the woman or her partner.

The estradiol is inside the ring. The ring stays inside the vagina for three months. It continuously releases the estrogen and reverses the dryness and pain that goes a long with being post menopausal and deficient of estrogen.

That is a really good option for someone who wants estrogen locally in the vagina but is concerned about side effects or risks in the rest of the body.

We call these local estrogens.

They are perfectly fine to use long-term to relieve symptoms of vaginal dryness without the risk of breast cancer.