Traveling outside the US? Protect yourself from disease before you go

If you travel outside the US for business, vacation, study abroad or on a mission trip, the ADC Travel Clinic can help you prepare for a safe, healthy trip.

Couple traveling in back of sport utility vehicleFour to six weeks before your departure date, contact the Travel Clinic – they can provide updates on disease outbreaks, advice about what to avoid, and what diseases you can be immunized against.  Some of those diseases include:

  • Yellow Fever – occurs in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and South America
  • Typhoid Fever – occurs in many countries including Mexico, Africa, Asia, India, Central and South America
  • Meningoccal Meningitis – occurs in Sub-Saharan Africa and Saudi Arabia
  • Hepatitis A & B – worldwide
  • Malaria – remains the world’s number one infectious disease and the risk to those traveling to countries in the tropics and subtropics is increasing
  • Dengue Fever – worldwide viral disease transmitted by urban mosquitoes

For more information visit ADClinic.com/travel or call
512-901-4486.  Remember to call 4-6 weeks before your departure date.