Transportation to ACL Festival

Learn how to make your way in and out of the festival safely

Bikes at ACL Fest

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Attendees will have the option of parking at designated locations, but after you park, how should you get there?

There are a number of transportation options, depending on where you decide to park and how early you arrive.

BIkes at ACL Fest 2014

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How to get to ACL Fest


Walking is a healthy activity and promotes heart health.


Biking is also a great option. You can get a little bit of exercise in while getting to the festival faster than everyone else on foot. There will be several bike racks and Austin has several bike rental locations if you do not own a bike.

You will just have to be sure to bring your own bike lock to lock it up once you get close to the gates of ACL Festival. Just be careful if you are on a bike to be mindful of all the pedestrians walking around you, but biking is highly recommended.

How to get to ACLFest 2014

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Public transportation

You also have the option of getting dropped off at the festival gate my a friend who is not attending the festival. You can take the free shuttle from Republic Square Park, but be mindful of the heavy crowds that will also choose this option.

Other options

Taxis and pedicabs are also a potential option. Check ACL’s Transit Recommendations for additional information including rideshares.

You may not be able to drive your car, but you can ride a scooter or motorcycle and park it outside of the festival in designated areas.  No matter what you choose, just make sure you are being safe and do not drink and drive.


Find designated parking areas on the ACL Fest website.


  1. Don’t forget you can use ridesharing apps (that comply with Austin law) such as Fasten!