Ann Rohner, ADC Audiologist, spoke with KXANs Erin Cargile about tinnitus to kick off Better Hearing Awareness Month.   Tinnitus affects over 26 million people and ranges from a mild, intermittent annoyance to a highly detrimental condition for some individuals.

Tinnitus occurs when an individual has had a hearing loss or it may be caused by hearing damage.  The brain tries to replace the sounds it is missing with sounds like a constant buzzing, hissing, screeching or roaring.   The sounds vary for each person.   Ms. Rohner, who suffers from a mild form of tinnitus herself, understands the frustration patients may have with this condition.

Many things can cause tinnitus:

  • high fevers
  • antibiotics
  • head trauma
  • hearing loss
  • exposure to loud noises in the workplace

In many cases, tinnitus can happen temporarily and for a short period of time.  However, in 20% of people with tinnitus, the can be debilitating interrupting work, study, and sleep.

What can you do?

Although there is no universal cure, the one that is for sure, is that you do not have to “live with it”.   Ms. Rohner offers several suggestions, first and foremost, if you think you have hearing loss, see your doctor or audiologist. The goal with many of the therapies below is to get the brain to focus on something else so that tinnitus subsides.

Treatments may include:

  •  Sound therapy
  • Integration therapy
  • hearing aids and amplification
  • Tinnitus retrainment
  • Ocean sounds and fractal sounds

Some ways to help prevent tinnitus are:

  • Avoiding loud noises
  • Turning down headphones
  • Protecting your ears in loud environments


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