Time to schedule a camp physical

From sports to science and art, there is a camp for almost everyone.

kids eating in front of tent

Before your young camper heads out, ensure that they are ready to have a great experience by checking in with your ADC pediatrician.

A copy of your child’s immunization record may be required prior to enrollment.  In addition, find out if the camp requires a copy of your child’s medical history so that camp counselors can access the information quickly in case of an emergency.

Ask the camp about the level of physical activity that your child can expect.  Be sure to talk to your kids about the need to drink plenty of water, and sunscreen and insect repellant application, as well as paying attention to warning signs such as dizziness or faintness.

Moreover,  teach your child to tell their adult supervisors immediately if symptoms occur.  When you do your part, you can help make sure that this summer camp experience is a safe and happy one.

Schedule physicals early

Beat the August rush and schedule your child’s required school immunizations and their sports/band physicals for the 2011-2012 school year.