Time to focus

To do: Go to class, call health educator, food log.

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Summer is quickly approaching and this is often the time of year when things get a little busy for most people. The school year is coming to an end, summer plans and vacations are approaching, and worries about how to keep the kids busy all summer. Now is the time when we really have to focus on our health and weight loss goals and really commit to sticking with the program commitments!


Patients who commit to consistent attendance are more successful in our program. You can’t get the support and guidance to help you be successful if you’re not making it a priority to be in class each week. We also want to make sure you consistently do your medical check in so that we can address any medical needs you have.

They say 90 percent of being successful is showing up! Make your weekly class attendance non-negotiable!

Midweek Phone Call

The midweek phone call may not seem important to some, but from experience, those patients who consistently do their phone call are more successful at achieving their weight loss goals.

This call is not just for your educator to know how you are doing, it also makes sure that you check in with yourself and recognize successes and challenges in your week. It’s just as much a tool for personal accountability as it is a time for you to receive one-on-one support from your Health Educator.

If you haven’t been making your phone call a priority, now is the perfect time to recommit to getting your call done every week!

Record Keeping

Tracking food intake not only has been shown to help people lose weight more efficiently, but it is also a crucial part of maintaining weight loss long term.

People are more conscious of what they eat when they are writing it down. It helps you keep track of what you are doing, makes you confront out of the box behavior, and helps your Health Educator know how to better coach you.

If you’ve gotten off track with keeping your records, set a short term goal to keep your records each day for the next week. Before you know it, it will become part of you daily routine!