Anna Luna

Anna Luna, Pediatrics

It’s a wonderful opportunity to work for ADC because there is a lot of growth.

At first I was nervous about moving up to positions, and that’s probably why it took me so long – because I was so nervous – but working with our providers here and all the staff and everybody at the front desk it’s been so much easier because we all get along so well.

We’re like a family here.

It’s a wonderful company to work for. Everyone here is so nice and there’s so much to offer. There’s so much to learn. The training is great – you get training in every aspect, every department that’s needed. And that’s what I love about it – because of the training.

Adelita Smith

Adelita Smith

“It’s really good for a family, I think. In the hospital, it’s a little harder if you have a family, I think. So, it was perfect for me.

“You would think as a clinic you wouldn’t see the different things, day-to-day, but actually you do, because a lot of people – especially with health care the way it is – they want to be seen by [their] doctor instead of going to the emergency room. It’s kind of better to be seen at the doctor’s office – they all want to be seen by their doctor if they can. So you see new things, you know? Maybe not every day, but you do see new things.

“You learn constantly. I learn something new every day almost.”

Ebonee Johnson

Ebonee Johnson

“I love ADC. I love working here. Everybody is really helpful. Everybody shares their information, and I don’t get on their nerves because I ask a lot of questions. So, it’s fun. I love working here. I love coming here every day.

“I don’t even call it work, it’s like, ‘Where are you going?’ I’m like, ‘My career! [To] have a good time.’

“The reason why I actually wanted to do medical coding and billing is because I feel like a lot of the claims don’t get paid because the insurance doesn’t want to pay. So doing the appeals and actually being able to be that liaison between the patient and the insurance company and then the doctor as well, it helps. Because the patients don’t understand a lot sometimes, and then I feel like the information that I have that I can give to the insurance company to try to get them to pay is very helpful for the patient so they’re not stuck with a big old bill.

“You know, sometimes, you go to a job and a person doesn’t want to help you because maybe they feel like you want to take their position or they don’t want you to know more than them. Here it’s like everybody is so helpful. Nobody minds giving you that information because they want you to be just as good as they are and I think that helps the team – makes the team better – is that everybody’s on the same page. Everybody has the same knowledge. Just that everyone is so helpful.

“I love coming here. I talk about it all the time. I talk about my job all the time, just how much I love it. When other people are complaining about their day, I’m like, ‘Well my day was great! This happened and we did this and we had our lunch and somebody brought this for us” so I’m always just bragging on it. I love it here.”

Staff member from screenshot

“I like working at Austin Diagnostic Clinic. I’ve been thinking about it, and when I left work at lunchtime, I saw that saying on a van that said, “Let our family take care of your family.” And in general I would think something like that was corny, but it is exactly what goes on here. Everybody that I would with here — it’s just a wonderful place to work. I’m just happy as I can be.

“When I took the job, they asked me why I wanted it. And I said because it’s five minutes from my house. But as it turns out, if it was an hour from my house I would want to come here to work.”