Mindy Miniccuci


Mindy Minicucci

“In the Surgery Center, you have a more family feel. You get to work consistently with the same people. It’s more family-oriented. I loved hospital work, but it’s just the family feel you get Monday through Friday. You get to know others, support others, and I like the schedule. The schedule’s awesome: Monday through Friday, no holidays, no weekends.

“Our doctors are awesome. We have doctors with a lot of experience – 30 plus years – we have doctors that are new in GI that are up on the current curve of learning, and so we have a great aspect of really cool personalities, very good with patient care. I would recommend working with these doctors any day to anybody.

“ADC really does give great patient care. I’ve worked at other facilities, and by far ADC gives hands down some of the best patient care I’ve ever encountered. It’s just an awesome place to work.”