Brenda Gonzales

O.R. Team Leader,

Team member since 2007

Brenda Gonzalez

Brenda Gonzalez

“I worked for a very big company, and I was looking for more of a challenge – which I definitely got – and a chance to learn new things. And I know that at a smaller facility [like ADC] you get that. You get to wear many hats and you get to broaden your education, and that’s what I wanted to do.

“I wanted a more hands-on, see-a-bigger-picture of the whole medical field, and I definitely got that. And it seemed like a place I would want to come. It seemed like a nice, caring place, and I felt I’d have that support to be able to broaden my medical experience.

“I think here at ADC we really strive to have a family atmosphere. I think we are more one-on-one, very personable, and we take each individual at their knowledge base and help them enhance that without making it too scary. We don’t just throw them out there. We really work hard with them day-to-day. We have little huddles [and] make sure our new staffing is all on the same page, and that the whole group – not just one – but all of us as a group envelope them and make sure that we’re here to help them. What can we do to help you? What would make your learning experience better?

“And so we work on that every day. It’s an every day thing. It’s not just once in a while I’ll come check on you. It’s every day.

“We get really experienced people here, and it’s really nice because if we did have an emergency, people know what to do. They’ve been through it, they’ve been there, and we work really well together.

“The doctors are great. There’s not one that I don’t like. And that’s unusual, I hate to say.. but… it’s a big stress, you know? Any procedure is a big stress, but all the doctors here are great. They know that we’re going to do a good job here – that whatever they ask for, whatever they need we’re going to service them well.”