Success story: Alan Dubicki

“I can’t believe I did it.”

Alan Dubicki weighed in at 380 pounds when he began our Weight & Health Risk Management program in May 2009. He was using crutches because of difficulty with his knees and was concerned about other health problems associated with his obesity.

“I considered gastric bypass or lap band surgery but my wife kept encouraging me to call ADC’s HMR® Clinic Program. A friend of hers had participated in the program with great results.

“Admitting I had a problem and needed help was hard for me. At the orientation the staff convinced me I could be successful. From the very first class I knew that I would have the support of my health educators, Maribel Rodriguez and Kimberly Smith and others in the program. They don’t let you give up.

“It’s been over a year now and I have never missed a meeting. I have learned to eat good foods and learned the value of a daily exercise program. I can now walk down the driveway to pick-up the mail without worrying if my knees will fail. I feel great,” he said.

Dubicki, 59, says he will always have to be vigilant about controlling his weight so he can live a healthy life.

“The ADC staff was there to coach and encourage me every step of the way. The rewards are great,” he said.