Studio 512 learns about ADC’s Body Composition

Body Composition Scan

Body Composition and Fat Analysis is available in the Imaging Department at ADC

Recently KXANs Studio 512 came by ADC’s North Clinic to speak with Imaging Director Amy Sears about an old technology that is being used to measure your health from the inside.  The old tech is the DEXA scanner which is used by physicians to monitor Bone Density.  The scanner did such a good job of measuring bone, scientists began to think of where else this technology could be used.  It turns out, it does a really good job of accurately measuring the distribution of lean muscle, body fat and bone.   The Body Composition and Body Fat Analysis scan gives patients a much more comprehensive look at their body and health.

Is it better than a BMI reading?

Ms. Sears says many individuals want to give up on weight loss or fitness because they may be working hard at the gym or controlling calories, with little to no results showing on the scale.  Patients like the body composition scan, because it gives them the motivation they need to continue a healthy lifestyle or fitness regime.  With the body composition scan, it is easy to see progress being made and where you need to work harder, you cannot do that with a BMI reading alone.  Amy herself has already performed a baseline scan and looks forward to her progress over the next few months and years for maintaining good health.  She says, “It’s a great way to map out your health and your life.”

So what’s the cost?

The cost is $85.00 to get a complete and accurate assessment and distribution of your muscle, fat and bone.  The most surprising thing is not the nominal cost, but the amount of information and detail patients receive from this simple, painless scan.

What can I expect at my appointment?

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing (no jewelry or metal)
  • The scan takes 6-8 minutes depending on your height
  • You will receive a print out of your results upon completion of the scan.

Call +1 (512) 901-4030 for more information or to make an appointment.