Stay Healthy on Your Summer Trip Abroad

The ADC Travel Clinic can help keep you healthy with immunizations and information.

Closeup of flights on airport departure board

The key to good health while abroad is found in pre-travel preparation. Vaccinations are available to prevent many diseases you may encounter outside the United States.  But often, time is required after your vaccinations to develop adequate anti-body response before you reach a country with possible contamination.

When possible, we recommend scheduling an appointment with the Travel Clinic at least four weeks before your departure.  Even if you don’t have four weeks lead time, contact us for more information about how to increase your chances of having a healthy trip.

The Travel Clinic is operated by the physicians and staff of The Austin Diagnostic Clinic.  For more than a decade we have been preparing Central Texans for recreational and professional worldwide travel.

Our services are based on the most current materials published on international travel.  The weekly updates are provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and the United States Department of State.

Travel Clinic Appointments are available  Monday through Friday  7:30am to 4:40pm. The Travel Clinic is located on the 2nd Floor of the South Wing of ADC’s Main Clinic, 12221 North Mopac Expressway, Austin, TX 78758-2483.

For corporate travel, mission trips, study abroad, or vacation travel, call 512-901-4486 for an appointment.