State-of-the-art imaging technology cuts your radiation dose

Empty room with ladder at Imaging Center

The old CT machine has been removed and a state-of-the-art CT machine is being installed.

Patients who need a CT scan will be able to get higher quality images at a faster rate with less radiation exposure thanks to a technology upgrade at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic.

ADC Imaging is installing a new 128-slice CT scanner. CT, also called computerized tomography, takes a series of X-ray views of the body to create cross-sectional images of bones and soft tissues.

Traditional CTcan emit up to 20 times the radiation dose of a regular chest X-ray.

But thanks to the new equipment at ADC, patients will be exposed to just a fraction of that amount, cutting exposure by at least 40%.

It’s also faster. The new CT scanner can scan 32 times faster than current technology and deliver higher quality images. That means patients and their doctors will be able to look at even more detailed images when making treatment decisions.

Patients will be able to undergo many advanced CT scans, including angiograms, cardiac CTA and cardiac calcium scoring.

ADC is the first imaging center in Austin to install the new technology, which is expected to come online December 12.

To make an appointment, call ADC’s Imaging Center at 512-901-8748.