STAR Award Winners: 1st Quarter 2017

The results are in!  We are very proud of the 1st Quarter STAR Award winners for 2017!

  • STAR department: Pharmacy:  Always greet patients when they walk in the door, and seem so happy to be at work! Could you meet two better employees who exemplify customer service any better?  Kristi and Natalie are always kind and professional in all their interactions
  • STAR Provider: Wendy Cutler, MD, OB/GYN: Dr. Cutler is always willing to work patients in, she takes the time to explain things to patients so that they understand the type of care that they need, or what is going on with them. She makes them feel like they are the only patient at that time. It doesn’t matter how many patients she has to see, who she has to deliver, or how many surgeries she has booked, she always takes the time to answer questions and find solutions for staff and patients. When she has to work in surgeries, she will come in and work on her half day off, or post call days to see the patients she couldn’t on those surgery days. She is always willing to find somewhere in her busy schedule to work a patient in.  She is respected by all of her peers and staff and she also respects each one of them.  She makes sure to say thank you to anyone and all who have helped her out for the day and she makes you feel appreciated. Even on days she has been on call she still has a positive attitude.
  • STAR Leader: Crystal Cherico, RN, Internal Medicine and Travel Clinic Supervisor: She’s been going above and beyond in helping with the Enli Care Manager upgrade! She worked tirelessly to put together extensive training materials for the new workflows and the upgraded tool. She also jumped in as trainer on the fly in classroom training and did an amazing job. She’s always got a great attitude and has been a pleasure to work with!
  • STAR Team Member:  Cindy Jenkins, Business Associate, Menopause & Osteoporosis Center: This employee always has a positive attitude, a smile and great rapor with patients. She goes out of her way to provide all the help she can and will reach out to others if needed.