Sports physical? Why your kids should also visit the pediatrician

If your children underwent a sports physical through their school district, you might wonder why it’s also necessary for them to see their doctor.

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The answer? Quality.

Sports physicals performed through schools are very convenient. They are also very quick and inexpensive.

Time is short and so is money, so why not?

There are a number of benefits of visiting the pediatrician for a well-child exam, rather than just undergoing a sports physical.

Benefits of a well-child exam

  1. With your pediatrician, you will receive a full assessment of your child’s specific needs with someone who knows him/her and your family.
  2. You are present at the visit so you can get information and ask questions about your child’s
    • Development
    • Nutritional status
    • Chronic medical issues
    • Past injuries and how they relate to the sport in which he is planning to participate
  3. Your pediatrician will be sure your child has his appropriate immunizations at this visit and they can refill any chronic medications your child takes.
  4. Your pediatrician can also refer him/her to any specialists they may need to see to be sure they are fit for the sport he/she chooses.
  5. Your well-child exam can also be used as the school’s annual Sports Exam if it is done after a certain date in the spring.
    (Check with your school for their date.)

Maybe it is a little more work and/or money than the school’s sports physical, but ultimately the quality and education your well-child exam provides should beat convenience when it comes to your family’s health.

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