Skin testing for allergies

Multi-Test II device in hand

Multi-Test II device

An allergist uses skin testing to determine if a patient is allergic to airborne allergens, certain foods, insect venoms or sometimes medications. Allergy testing has been found to be more accurate than serologic (blood) testing.

Skin testing has changed significantly over the years.

Less painful and invasive methods are now available. ADC allergists use the latest in testing, offering a more efficient and less painful way to test for allergies. Results are quickly obtained on the day of testing. Intradermal testing is sometimes offered, but our primary method is using the Multi-Test II device.

The Multi-Test II enables your doctor to apply 72 skin tests in about 30 seconds. Results are available to the doctor in approximately 15 – 20 minutes.

This method of testing is well tolerated by adults and children.