Diabetes Management

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Diabetes Specialists Austin, TX

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic offers a Diabetes Management Program consisting of a regular series of classes. It is often offered to patients who have been referred by their doctor to the program.  Class hours may vary during the Holidays.

What is the Diabetes Management Center?

Since 1992, the American Diabetes Association has recognized the Diabetes Management Center’s education program. Our mission is to provide education to promote the self-management of diabetes so that you can prevent complications and achieve optimum health. Our staff includes endocrinologists (physicians trained in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes), nurses, dietitians and certified diabetes educators.

By taking advantage of the clinical staff’s expertise, you can learn to improve the skills necessary to successfully manage your diabetes.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, have had diabetes for some time, are interested in intensive therapy, planning a pregnancy, or have developed diabetes during your pregnancy, we offer an educational program to meet your needs.

 Services Provided by the Diabetes Management Center

Diabetes management is a team effort. Physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, nurse educators and dietitians will guide you and support your goal of controlling your disease.

Team goals:

  • Meet your medical needs and recommend treatment to fit your lifestyle
  • Assist you to achieve or maintain optimal diabetes control
  • Promote prevention of diabetes complications
  • Help minimize or delay progression of existing complications
  • Educate your family and others concerned with your health about diabetes

Education topics:

  • General facts about diabetes
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Exercise
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Sick day guidelines
  • High and low blood sugar
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Hygiene
  • Pregnancy and diabetes
  • Intensive insulin therapy and the use of the insulin pump
  • Foot care
  • Community resources
  • Troubleshooting

Diabetes and Pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes)

About 1 in 100 women of childbearing age has diabetes before pregnancy.  Another 2 to 5 percent develop diabetes during pregnancy. We know that managing diabetes during pregnancy means paying close attention to your lifestyle. Today most pregnant diabetics can look forward to having a healthy baby. The Diabetes Management Center staff works closely with your obstetrician to ensure insulin control and reduce the risk of complications to you and your baby.

Charges are based on length of individual consultation. Many health insurance plans will cover the cost of diabetes education. Please check with your individual insurance plan regarding coverage. A series of group classes is offered at a discounted rate.