Safety first at ACL Festival

Heading to the ACL Festival this year? Safety should always comes first.

ACL crowd photo

Image source: ACL Press 2013

If you’re heading out to one of Austin’s most-anticipated music festivals, now is a great time to prepare for fun and safety.

“Festival buddy” and meeting points

Most attendees will be at the festival in groups. Be sure to have a “festival buddy” who is looking out for you and will make sure you don’t get separated from the group if possible. Having someone else to look after you can help you stay safe.

It is very easy to get lost. Cell phone service may also be tricky, so set a meeting point with your group or festival buddy. If you can’t find your festival buddy, you can both agree to come back to your specified meeting point if you can’t find each other after a certain amount of time.

Meeting times and memorizing a phone number

  • Memorize at least one person in your group’s phone number so that you can still call them if your phone happens to die and you get lost from the group.
  • If you are in a large group, you should also choose three different times throughout the day that you can all meet at your specified meeting point to regroup. This helps your group make sure everyone is safe and no one is lost.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times

ACL Fest can be hot during the daytime. People can quickly become dehydrated without enough water or food. You may want to look out for others in the dense crowds. Take action and call for help if you think someone may need medical attention.

Know the festival layout and watch your money

Be aware of the layout of the festival. Know where to find entrances and exits, medical tents, food, bathrooms, water refill stations throughout the festival grounds. Prepare an exit strategy in case of emergency.

Keep your money in a safe place. Be aware of your surroundings because most people will be having a great time and not paying attention to their belongings.

Women’s safety

Women should take extra precautions and stay with a friend, guarding against people who may want to take advantage of them. Be aware of your surroundings and never leave a drink unattended or accept a drink from someone you do not know.