Why retail-based clinics are not the answer to your child’s medical care

Child examined with otoscope

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a new policy statement on retail-based clinics.

“The AAP recognizes that convenience and access to care will continue to be important drivers of how health care is delivered,” said James Laughlin, MD, FAAP, lead author of the policy statement. “However, the expertise of the pediatrician and the medical home should continue to be recognized as the standard for care of children.”

Here is why retail-based clinics and stand-alone urgent care clinics are not the answer to your child’s medical care.

These medical facilities:

  • Are rarely staff by physicians board certified in pediatric medicine;
  • Do not know your child’s medical history;
  • Do not have access to your child’s medical records that include details such as frequency of ear infections, response to asthma medications, vaccine status, etc.
  • Are designed to take care of simple, single episode illnesses and may miss a more serious underlying condition
  • Often do not communicate with your primary care provider to let us know what was seen during the visit, what medications were prescribed, etc.

How we care for your child at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic:

  1. We are board certified pediatricians who are trained to take care of the needs of children from birth to adulthood;
  2. We are modeled on the Patient-Centered Medical Home;
  3. We are prepared to manage multiple issues, from the simple runny nose to complicated medical conditions requiring consultations with specialists and coordination of appointments, imaging, labs and follow up;
  4. We get to know you and your children and want to build a relationship based on trust, respect and understanding of your child’s medical needs;
  5. We use electronic medical records, which means that when your child is being seen by any ADC physician, that doctor has access to the full medical record. This includes Easy Care pediatricians and our many specialists in sections such as Allergy, Dermatology and Neurology.

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