Nephrology & Hypertension Center Quality Improvement Report

Chronic kidney disease patients with a current lipid profile

Chronic kidney disease patients with a current lipid profile

Preventing Complications with Kidney Diseases by Monitoring Cholesterol and Triglycerides 

It is recommended that persons with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have their cholesterol and triglycerides checked at least once every year with a blood test called a fasting lipid profile.  This will allow your provider to detect abnormalities early that may be treated to prevent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ACVD).

Many factors influence abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides for patients with CKD, including their treatments as well as changes in how much protein their kidneys can filter. Therefore, it is prudent to evaluate cholesterol and triglycerides more often than is recommended in the general population.

Our most recent report from September, 2012 shows The Austin Diagnostic Clinic Nephrology patients exceed the national average in annual Lipid Profile testing for CKD patients.

What You Can Do

Speak with your doctor about routine cholesterol and triglyceride checks.  Most people are recommended to have a Lipid Profile test every 5 years.  If you have CKD, you should visit a Nephrologist and have a Lipid Profile test done at least once per year.