Psoriatic arthritis and warm weather

For patients with psoriatic arthritis, a forecast of 102 degrees and sunny is a prescription for relief.

Dr. Chris Parker, ADC rheumatologist visited with meteorologist Rosie Newberry to talk about how this hot, dry forecast has some patients sighing with relief.   About one-third of patient with psoriasis also have arthritis.  In addition, to the dry, scaly skin primarily around the joints of their body such as elbows and knees, these patients also have joint pain.   During the winter, these patients find some relief from joint stiffness by taking a warm shower or relaxing in hot tubs.   However, in the summer, the warm, dry weather does two things:

  1. sunlight – helps clear up the psoriasis patches on their skin
  2. heat – helps to alleviate some of the stiffness associated with arthritis by loosening the tendons

So, Doctor, are there patients who benefit from cold weather?

Yes! As Dr. Parker said “one man’s floor is another man’s ceiling”.  There are patients who crave a cooler clime to help offset symptoms of their disease.   For example, patients with lupus symptoms, prefer the cooler temperatures of fall and winter, as the heat sets off their symptoms.   Many stay indoors and avoid the heat during the summer to avoid lupus flares.