Protect Your Hearing

How can you protect your hearing at concerts and events?

We go to outdoor and indoor concerts, attend motor events and sometimes take our kids. And with MP3 players and phones as the most popular option for listening to music, how do you protect hearing for adults and children? ADC Audiologists Janet Davila, AuD, CCC-A and Natalie Rooker, AuD, CCC-A have some great options for you and your child.


Ear plugs: these simple, yet very effective, foam ear plugs are readily available at grocery stores and pharmacies.
The second type of ear plug has a small stick on the outside for easy insertion and removal. They are typically available at stores, pharmacies and online.

Custom ear plugs: for serious music fans or musicians, ADC audiology can customize filtered ear plugs. You would have molds made for a customized fit, which are then sent to the manufacturer and returned to ADC. These are available in custom colors as well.


Headphones: There are a variety of headphones available online for children.

  • Volume limiting headphones allow parents to set the limit so no matter how high your child turns the volume setting, it won’t go past the set parameter. For older children, volume limiting earbuds are available in a variety of colors as well.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones are a great choice for the parent who wants to bring their child to a concert or event where they may be exposed to loud noises over an extended period of time. The noise-cancelling headphones block out sound and are available in many sizes from infant to child to adult.

How do you know when loud is too loud?

Dr. Davila recommends that parents educate themselves and their children about how loud is too loud. The website, DangerousDecibles.org,  is a virutal exhibit that teaches children of all ages (and adults) the levels of loudness that are most dangerous and how to avoid them.

The ADC Audiology department sees patients of all ages and provides services from infant and child hearing screenings to adult ear cleanings, testing and fitting for hearing devices. If your concerned about your or your child’s hearing, please contact the ADC Audiology department at 512-901-1111 or complete the appointment request below.

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