How to protect your hearing at ACL

How to protect your ears and still have fun

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Image source: ACL Press

Loud music can do permanent damage to your hearing. That is likely the last thing you want to happen when you’re enjoying ACL Fest.

“It is possible that even outdoors, the noise could become too intense and even painful,” said Dr. Erica Moeller, ADC Urgent Care.  “Bring earplugs in case there is a need to reduce the volume intensity,”

Noise-induced hearing loss is also a risk for children. Parents should take steps to protect children’s ears.

Here are steps you can take to protect yourself from noise-induced hearing loss.

  • Bring ear plugs to the festival.
    Musician’s filtered ear plugs are a great option for music lovers who want to reduce the decibel level without distorting the sound. Be careful when using other earplugs. According to ADC Audiologist Janet Davila, ear plugs must be fitted properly to work effectively.
  • Avoid getting too close to the speakers
    If you are close, make sure you put in earplugs or noise canceling headphones.
  • Be overly cautious with your children when it comes to ear safety
    Always have their headphones or earplugs in when close to loud stages at the festival.

Also be aware that some sets of music may have strobe lights when the night music sets start. Strobe lights can trigger seizures in those individuals with epilepsy.

“Special lighting, especially strobe lighting, could possibly trigger a seizure in some people.  However, there should be no concern about damage to vision,” said Dr. Moeller.


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