Preventive Care: Annual exams and screenings

It’s important to establish with a primary care doctor for preventive care

ADC Family Practitioner Dr. Grace Honles from Circle C visited the KXAN studios to discuss the importance of establishing with a primary care doctor for good preventive care by utilizing annual exams and screenings.

When most people think of annual exams they think of the typical sports or school physical for children and teens.   But did you know adults need annual exams too?

Depending on your family history, risk factors and lifestyle, there may be immunizations and screenings need to prevent and diagnose disease.   Dr. Honles states that young adults, adults and seniors should establish with a primary care doctor to work together to decide which screenings and immunizations are right for you.  She emphasized the importance of the relationship you have with your doctor throughout your lifetime is crucial for good health at all stages of your life.

ADC has pulled together some recommended screenings for different ages.  Again, every person is different and only you and your doctor can decide which is best for you.  You may also download a copy of Adult Screenings by Age.