Common Prescription Shortages Anticipated

Shortage of Common Prescription Medications

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic has been notified that several common drugs have recently gone into short supply in the U.S. drug market.  We feel it is important to keep our patients informed about any possible difficulties you may have filling or refilling some prescriptions.

While we cannot list every drug, some of those currently in short supply include some blood pressure medications, atenolol and furosemide, as well as the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac.

What does this mean for you?

When going to fill or refill your prescription, your regular pharmacy may inform you that they are currently unable to get your medication.

We recognize that your physician has chosen your medication because they felt it was the most appropriate for you and so we have a few suggestions to help make sure you do not have to go without your medication:

  1. Request your refills from the pharmacy at least one week before your expiration date. This will give your pharmacy some time to determine if they have the drug, or if they will be able to order it for you before you run out.
  2. If your pharmacy states that they do not have the drug or the ability to order it for you, check with other pharmacies. Not all pharmacies will run out of a drug at the same time. When you locate a pharmacy with your drug, request that they transfer your prescription from your original pharmacy.
  3. If after multiple attempts you are unable to locate a pharmacy with your medication, please ask your pharmacy to make a request to your provider for an alternative medication or therapy.

We have informed our staff and providers of these anticipated shortages, and we are prepared to work with you and your pharmacy to ensure continuity of care.

Mynda Waldrop, MD, Executive Medical Director
Kristi Torres, PharmD, ADC Pharmacy
Bella Kirchner, Population Health Director



  1. Avatar Anonymous says

    I would like to know what caused the pharmacy shortage? Is it world wide or just here in Texas?

  2. Avatar Anonymous says

    Thanks for the “heads up.”