Pre-Visit Lab Testing & Medication Refill Requests

Pre-Visit Laboratory and/or Imaging Testing:

  • To improve patient care, we will require that all ordered laboratory or imaging tests be completed before upcoming appointments with Endocrinology. If you are unable to complete the required lab or imaging tests prior to your visit, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.
  • The reason we ask these to be completed is to provide more meaningful and seamless care by giving you and your provider the opportunity to review all relevant information and to adjust therapies at a face-to-face visit.

Medication Refill Requests:

  • To ensure that prescriptions are filled accurately and efficiently, we have implemented the following prescription policy:
  • Prescription refill requests are not accepted over the phone, with limited exceptions as in the case of a change in dosage or change in pharmacy. If you need a refill between office visits, please have your pharmacy contact us directly.
  • Prior to your scheduled office visit, please look over all your medications, to determine if you need to request refills during your visit.
  • All medications will require regular follow-up visits at intervals to be determined by your provider. You should receive refills of your medications at each visit that will last until you are due to return. If you are overdue for your visit, your provider will provide enough medication to last until your scheduled appointment (maximum 30-day supply). This courtesy refill is at the discretion of the provider and does not apply to all medications.