ADC Begins Posting Patient Ratings and Comments of Physicians

Beginning today, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic (ADC) will publish online patient ratings and comments for its 145 doctors and advanced practitioners.  The ratings, based on actual patient visits and surveys, are collected, monitored and distributed by an independent, patient satisfaction company National Research Corporation (NRC) on behalf of the Clinic.   Consumers will be able to see each provider’s overall 5–star rating and the most recent comments from ADC patients.

Why post ratings and comments?

As healthcare expands and choices increase, patients have a variety of providers to select for their care in Central Texas.  To date, patients have turned to online review sites like Healthgrades, Yelp, Vitals and other sites to review and evaluate physicians and providers.  Many times, the reviews from these sites cannot be verified as being generated from an actual patient.   In an effort to provide consumers with balanced and accurate information, ADC has decided to be fully transparent and publish these ratings and comments so potential patients may receive a balanced and accurate representation of the care our doctors provide. More importantly, as part of the Clinic’s corporate objectives,  the physicians and staff are committed to providing excellent patient satisfaction and will use these comments to continue improving services across ADC.

About the Survey

For the past 12 months, NRC collected survey data from patients seen at ADC locations throughout Central Texas.  The survey consists of nine rating questions and an open-ended question, “What would you tell family and friends about this provider?” which serves as the basis of the comments on each provider’s biography page.  Each week, new survey comments are uploaded to the physician or provider page.  The comments appear in their original format with the exception of having private and/or sensitive patient information removed.

“Austin is growing so rapidly.  Families new to Austin are looking for excellent health care providers. While word of mouth is most important, we also realize that many turn to the internet first to look for a new doctor. At ADC, we believe it is important to show a clear picture of what our patients think of the care they receive from The Austin Diagnostic Clinic. We have a wide range of specialties to meet the needs of our patients, and are proud to be able to offer these services in a patient-friendly environment,” says ADC Executive Medical Director and Urgent Care physician Mynda Waldrop, MD.

What if a physician does not have a star rating or comments on their profile?

Patient ratings and comments are available for most of ADC’s 145 doctors and providers.  Those without ratings and comments have either not yet accumulated the 30 required surveys or see patients outside of the traditional office setting. ADC is one of two medical group practices in Central Texas to post patient satisfaction scores. For more information about ADC Patient Satisfaction visit our Guide to Patient Satisfaction Survey and Ratings.

How do patients participate in the survey?

Our goal is to send and receive a survey for each patient and for each physician seen at ADC once a year. If a patient sees 5 different doctors at ADC – they should receive 5 different surveys within a few days of each visit. Surveys are sent from ADC to the most current email address on file.




  1. Avatar Anonymous says

    DR. Grace Honles and her staff at ADC Circle C are excellent. Everyone is positive, smiling and demonstrating how important their work is to them. From the time I check in, am promptly seen by the nurse and Dr. Honles, everything is like a well planned event. I have been extremely happy with my entire experience here.

    • Avatar Rocky Epstein says

      Thank you so much for the feedback. We will make sure to forward this message on to Dr. Honles and her team. Have a great day!

  2. Avatar Anonymous says

    I am So Happy ADC is taking the next positive step in affirming service-based business and allowing for reviews. Now if you guys will hook up the MyChart app that’d be great. Wish ARC would allow physician ratings and comments, too! I’ve been using healthgrades and Google reviews for years for physicians.

    • Avatar Rocky Epstein says

      Thank you for the feedback. We will pass along the suggestion to our Administration team. Have a good day!

  3. Avatar Anonymous says

    You need to provide instructions on how to see the ratings. I tried to see them for my Dr., Meen Misra. I saw her picture but that’s all.

    • Avatar Rocky Epstein says

      Thank you for your email. The ratings and comments are located on the doctor or provider’s individual profile pages: https://www.adclinic.com/biography/meen-misra/#.V59H3PkrIgA You will see the star ratings next to the photo and the comments are listed at the bottom of their profile, you may see as many as you’d like by clicking on the “view more” link. Have a great day.

  4. Avatar Anonymous says

    Several months ago I went to see Dr. Parker (Rheumatologist) by referral from a friend. The articles on the wall of his office were impressive……”Top doctor” etc. When he entered the room, he had great bedside manner, and was all my friend said he was UNTIL HE GOT TO THE DIAGNOSIS! Perhaps he wasn’t listening to what I was telling him, but boy did he blow it. My wife was in the room and she can attest to this. I finally sought a second opinion from another Rheumatologist, who listened to me and after running blood and
    X-ray test (which was not run by Dr. Parker), his initial diagnosis was confirmed. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am now on Methotrexate and Remicade, and my pain is gone and I am on my way back to life again. Sorry it didn’t work out with Dr. Parker.

  5. Avatar Anonymous says

    I am a patient of Dr. Brock Harper, who is a Rheumatologist. He is an amazing Doctor. He actively listens to changes in health and concerns. He displays empathy and is never rushed when you are discussing your health with him. I am fortunate to have him as my Rheumatologist.

  6. Avatar Anonymous says

    Michael Romain, M.D. has been my primary care physician since at least 1998, and I can’t imagine having anyone else.

    I’d like to also offer a few words of thanks and praise for Matthew Pearson, M.D. in the Urology service. I had gone 54 years without needing a urologist, and I think I could happily have gone 54 years more, but I discovered one great thing about having a urologist. You see, my cardiologist wants to see me every six months “because you’re not young any more.” Dr. Pearson wants to see me every six months “because you’re still so young.” He gave me great confidence in his knowledge and skills.

    • Avatar Rocky Epstein says

      We love hearing these comments about Dr. Romain and Dr. Pearson! I know they’ll be honored to hear your words. thank you

  7. Have a question for you guys. Why did you bill 4th month vaccination for a new born under a wrong code? When other clinics bill them as “preventive care” you guys bill it as “Nonspecific signs and symptoms”. It’s been agreed by you that it’s a wrong code and you guys keep submitting it under the wrong code for more than 3 times. It’s been 10 months am following to get it sorted out and am not. Please do fix your billing department.