Information about Medicare Part B coverage

Find an ADC provider who is accepting new Medicare patients.

Medicare Part B pays in full for:

  • Welcome to Medicare visit
    • For beneficiaries within their first year of Medicare Part B enrollment
  • Annual Wellness visit
    • For beneficiaries who have had Medicare Part B for more than one year.
    • In order to maintain continuity of care with your ADC doctor, we recommend that you schedule your annual wellness visit with ADC and not with outside resources not affiliated with ADC.

These exams provide a routine evaluation if you are healthy or have stable medical conditions. The treatment of other medical concerns, new or existing, are not included in these visits. You must schedule a separate appointment to address those concerns and be covered by your Medicare benefits.

Medicare Advantage

ADC accepts Humana’s Medicare PPO and PFFS plans. New patients covered by these plans can schedule an appointment with ADC providers who accept new Medicare patients.

Previously, ADC provided services to Medicare Advantage patients covered by ERS. That relationship has not changed.