How to pack your bag for ACL

How to pack light, but still bring the necessities

How to pack for ACL Fest

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Heading out to ACL Fest for the weekend? You’ll want to travel light, but also bring the essentials.

Festival-goers are allowed to carry standard school sized backpacks. And since your vehicle may be parked a significant distance from the festival grounds, you may want to pack lightly.

But what should you bring?

“This is really weather dependent,” said Dr. Lisa Gaw, ADC Urgent Care pediatrician. “Sunscreen, hat, antiseptic/hand sanitizer, band aids, water. Obviously any needed medications (i.e. EpiPen).”

Dr. Erica Moeller, ADC Urgent Care Family Practitioner agrees. The most important thing to consider? Sun exposure.

“Be sure to pack sunscreen, bandaids, and a wound wash.  Apply sunscreen to exposed skin every 2 hours,” said Dr. Moeller.  “Be sure not to overpack, though, which could cause back and shoulder pain.”

What to pack in your bag:

  • Sunscreen
    Non-aerosol sprays. (Aerosol is not allowed in festival.) There is risk for sunburn with long amounts of time in the sun, so protect your skin regardless of if you typically sunburn or not.
  • SPF lip balm
    It’s just as important to protect your lips from sunburn.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun exposure.
  • Poncho and/or hand held umbrella
    Check the weather forecast, it often rains in October in Austin, and you may also want the umbrella for shade throughout the day.
  • Bug spray – ADC’s Travel Clinic recommends Sawyer Fisherman 8 hour insect repellent as the best protection against Zika and other mosquito borne illness
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Lightweight blanket or towel to sit on
    The ground may be dirty or wet and you will want to sit down and rest throughout the day.
  • Portable lightweight chair or foldable chair
    Keep in mind you will have to carry this all day – a blanket or towel may be preferred.
  • Extra pair of shoes and/or socks
    It may rain. You may want to change shoes for personal hygiene or to avoid walking around in wet shoes and socks.
  • Earplugs to protect the ears when you are next to loud speakers
  • Travel tissue/toilet paper
    Porta potties will be available, but they may run out of toilet paper
  • Portable phone charger
  • Small first aid kit in case of immediate emergency.
    (Band aids, antiseptic wipes, etc.)

Special considerations

Do not bring valuables unless you plan to have your eye on them at all times. Your items could be lost or stolen if left unattended.

When choosing a backpack or bag, make sure you don’t choose something that you wouldn’t want to get dirty, or potentially damaged. Also remember, no framed or camping gear backpacks are allowed.

To find out more about what you are allowed and NOT allowed to bring into the festival, visit the ACL Fest website allowed and prohibited items section.