Our Culture

Working and caring for family

Two ADC staff members smileTalk to staff members and doctors at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic and you’ll hear a recurring theme – being part of ADC feels like family.

It’s more than just a job. ADC employees say they feel like the people they work with and the people they serve are family. That’s what keeps them coming back day after day.

The fact that many of our employees have been with us for more than 5 years — some up to 40 years! – should tell you a lot about us. Our people are here because they’re happy, and that makes our patient care better.

Patient service

Our focus is our patients. Our staff and doctors are charged with your good health, and we take that very seriously. We provide customer service training and work hard to make sure our patients have the best experience when they visit our clinics.

Worker well-being

A key component to providing quality patient care is ensuring that our staff members are healthy and happy. Throughout the year, we provide opportunities for our staff to stay healthy and enhance their skills.