New survey to measure patient satisfaction

ADC and National Research Corporation collaborate to measure and improve what matters most to patients

Mother and baby daughter filling out medical form.

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic (ADC) wants to provide you compassionate care and excellent service when you choose to visit our doctors and offices. Your feedback is critical to our vision as an organization. That is why we have chosen to partner with National Research Corporation (NRC) Picker to better understand our patient’s experience and quality of care issues as seen through your eyes.

You may receive a patient satisfaction survey in the mail or by email from NRC Picker which will ask you many questions about a specific visit. We ask that you complete this survey. Your responses and opinions will help to guide us in our efforts to maximize the quality of care your receive.

Dr. David Joseph, ADC Chief Medical Officer and Family Practitioner, asks, “Please don’t let the length of our new survey keep you from filling it out!  There are all kinds of details about your care experience that we want to know about to continue to improve your experience and your health. I promise never to take your loyalty for granted.

The survey you will complete addresses eight dimensions of patient-centered care.

  • Respect for patient values
  • Preferences and needs
  • Coordination and integration of care
  • Information and education
  • Physical comfort
  • Emotional support
  • Involvement of family and friends
  • Transition and continuity
  • Access to care

National Research Corporation has determined that focusing measurement and accountability around these eight dimensions, clinics can directly improve the quality of care and the patient experience.

If you have any questions about the survey, contact Michele Dunn, BSN, RN, Director of Clinical Quality, at 512-901-4472 or at mdunn@adclinic.com.

Thank you for helping to improve the quality of your health care and that of our community.