Medication linked to meningitis outbreak not used by ADC

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic did not purchase or use a recalled injection medication that has been linked to an outbreak of meningitis. Patients treated at ADC have not been exposed to the risk.

The meningitis outbreak involves a non-contagious, fungal form of the disease. Fungal meningitis is rare, and it causes inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.

Federal health officials are still investigating the exact source of the outbreak. But they have linked it to three lots of methylprednisolone acetate, produced at a New England compounding pharmacy.

Methylprednisolone acetate is an injectable steroid that is used to treat inflammation and pain. It’s used when oral therapies can’t be used.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention there have been at least 91 cases of the disease in nine states, including seven deaths.

The products related to the outbreak were produced and distributed by a New Englandcompounding company, according to the FDA. The company initially recalled three lots of the drug. But over the weekend, the FDA recommended that none of the company’s products be used. The company agreed to recall all of the products that were compounded and distributed from its Facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. The list is available here.

The meningitis outbreak could affect more states. The product was distributed to facilities in 23 states, includingTexas, but ADC does not purchase any products from the compounding pharmacy that produced the drug under investigation.

”Patient safety is one of our core values and is a priority for our practice,” Dr. Ghassan Salman, ADC Chief Medical Officer. “We strive to make sure that our practice causes no harm to our patients.”

The CDC has created a list of those healthcare facilities which received the recalled lots of Methylprednisolone Acetate. You can view the list here.