Twittercast: Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

Medicare and the Affordable Care Act

ADC CEO Dr. Ghassan Salman, and Texas Department of Insurance’s Norma Almanza present a sdiscussion about medicare, patient centered medical home and the affordable care act.

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Hello! We are getting ready for our #Medicare seminar to begin at 1 pm. We’ll be tweeting out some info too. Have questions? use #askADCAustinDiagnostic
We are getting ready to start our #Medicare seminar!AustinDiagnostic
Patient centered medical home explained by Dr. Salman and how it works #medicare<a href="http://t.co/4tKMccHIbk" class="">ncqa.org/Consumers.aspx</a>AustinDiagnostic
PCMH model shows patient’s care will be coordinated by their primary care doctor & supported by team. #medicareAustinDiagnostic
How will the shortage of Primary Care Physicians be addressed? @ADCHealth looking to expand those specialties to address need #MedicareAustinDiagnostic
Quality measures will be important to making sure patients receive best care in PCMH model #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Primary care doctors are considered to be Family Practice and Internal Medicine both as the caretakers.AustinDiagnostic
Is PCMH like gatekeeper policies in 80s? No better because success expectations now placed on doctorsAustinDiagnostic
How will the shortage of Primary Care Physicians be addressed? @ADCHealth looking to expand those specialties to address need #MedicareAustinDiagnostic
We are going to Ms. Almanza with the Texas Dept of Insurance now for the medicare portion.AustinDiagnostic
Some great info for seniors and the how the Affordable Care Act impacts you #medicare <a href="http://t.co/Imauhr1UBj" class="">1.usa.gov/YIxcbe</a>AustinDiagnostic
One of the most important benefits #medicare beneficiaries have seen is the prescription drug discountAustinDiagnostic
For a timeline of the changes coming from Affordable Care Act #medicare <a href="http://t.co/GnVd2bEqIR" class="">1.usa.gov/1030VxH</a>AustinDiagnostic
Medicare beneficiaries with income over 80k or couples 160k will pay more in premiums – change in 2013 #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Affordable Care Act is a big document and is meant to be implemented over 10 years #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Medicare-covered benefits won’t be reduced or taken away. You can still choose your own doctor. <a href="http://t.co/ETX0KnjuJi" class="">1.usa.gov/1633fJ4</a>AustinDiagnostic
ACA option for younger folks is ability to put more into #Medicare for the future.AustinDiagnostic
Cuts to doctors-hospitals – ACO and PCMH are two models that look to help offset costs & help doctors to give better patient care #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Affordable Care Act does include cuts to #Medicare Advantage plans too.AustinDiagnostic
Affordable Care Act means you will see less Med Adv Plans in future when people get back to traditional #MedicareAustinDiagnostic
PCMH – allows for one doctor to coordinate with all your specialists #medicareAustinDiagnostic
In 2013 your doctor and your pharmacist may be calling you to follow up with about RX management and therapy #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Insurance will continue to dictate whether you are in a PPO or an HMO. #medicareAustinDiagnostic
How do you know if you are on traditional #medicare? You receive a quarterly statement which says "This is not a bill"AustinDiagnostic
Patients will see more efforts by hospitals to work with doctors and doctor’s groups in future. Patient still has ownership of care.AustinDiagnostic
In Oct 2013 – 50-64 year olds will be able to buy insurance on their own – even with pre-existing conditions. #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Affordable Care Act does not change if you have traditional #medicare. You do not have to get insurance thru the exchanges.AustinDiagnostic
It behooves both patients and healthcare to bring health costs down. #medicareAustinDiagnostic
Jan 1, 2014 – pre-existing cond covered – no way yet to control the premiums. Will be a negotiation between fed gov & insurance co.AustinDiagnostic
What happens to those 50-64 who buy their own insurance can they still get #Medicare? The answer, for now, is yes.AustinDiagnostic
If you have #medicare supplement should you drop w/Affor Care Act? No, do not until you understand what is out there. U may not get it backAustinDiagnostic
1-800-Medicare will help patients find doctors who accept #Medicare.AustinDiagnostic
While we are all in transitions -expect some turmoil. #medicareAustinDiagnostic
medicare uses national standards to determine whether or not cover a test or screening,AustinDiagnostic