Medicare benefit: Eyeglasses after cataract surgery

Medicare can help pay for post-operative glasses.

Our Optical Shop can help you pick out your glasses after your cataract surgery.

Medicare guidelines cover 80 percent of the cost toward a basic pair of lenses and a frame. The rest may be covered by your secondary insurance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. About 4 weeks after you cataract surgery, your doctor will give you a prescription for your new lenses.
  2. Take your prescription to our Optical Shop, which carries a selection of frames covered by Medicare.

That’s it!

Our Optical Shop can help fit you into the lenses and frames your choose.

You can also upgrade beyond Medicare’s basic frames and pay the difference out-of-pocket for items such as:

  • A deluxe frame
  • Progressive lenses
  • Anti-reflective treatments
  • Transitions treatments
  • Specialty lenses