May is Better Hearing Month

ADC audiologist discusses Better Hearing Month on KXAN

Audiologist Penny Barron was in KXAN’s studio on Saturday morning to talk about the importance of hearing with anchor Erin Cargile.

During Better Hearing Month, Penny wanted viewers to understand the importance of having your hearing examined at all ages.  Many people take their hearing for granted until it is diminished or gone.  She is seeing more and more young adults and teens in her office as well.

After examining Ms. Cargile with the video otoscope, Ms. Barron offered advice for cleaning your ears – simply wipe your ear with a clean cloth.  A little wax is good for you and using cotton swabs may impact or cause damage to the ear drum.

For more information about hearing screenings visit our Audiology page or call us at 512-901-4808.

Ms. Barron will also be hosting a free seminar on May 23 from 1-2 pm at ADC’s Main Clinic.