Making a difference: ADC staff member saves life at restaurant

Mindy Minicucci poses for camera

Mindy Minicucci, ADC Outpatient Surgery Clinical Manager

You’ve probably heard that one person can make a difference. In the case of Mindy Minicucci, ADC Outpatient Surgery Clinical Manager, it was difference between life and death.

Mindy is not your ordinary clinical manager — she is a bona fide hero!

One Sunday afternoon, Mindy and her date dated decided to head to San Marcos to eat at her favorite restaurant, Herbert’s.  It also happened to be the Republic of Texas (ROT) rally weekend.

After being seated, Mindy noticed the table next to them was filled with some ROT bikers. Shortly after ordering, she heard shouting from the next table and turned to see what was going on.  One of the bikers was choking and unable to breathe.  Mindy shouted “Call 911!” to the group and tried to use the Heimlich maneuver on the man.

Mindy is a petite woman, and the biker was over 6’ tall and burly. Mindy simply could not get her arms around him.  She even tried throwing him over a chair, but she was just too small.  Seeing the man was beginning to show signs of asphyxiation, she quickly got her date to help, and he was able to get a good grip around the man.  Mindy told her date how to get the food from the man’s throat.

As the biker gasped and took in his first breaths, the restaurant erupted into cheers.  The man and his friends were grateful to Mindy and her date for saving his life.  With tears streaming down her face, and emotional and physical exhaustion setting in, Mindy said she is thankful for her training and truly believes she was meant to be at that restaurant at that time.

Mindy relayed the story to a friend who owns two restaurants in Austin.  He has asked her to teach his staff how to perform the Heimlich maneuver and she hopes to continue training restaurant staff in this simple, but life-saving technique.

Mindy, not only saved this man’s life, but may, through training others life-saving skills, save others as well.  Her story is a true testament to how one person really can make a difference!