Leaders at ADC: Meet Sheree Johnson

Sheree Johnson

Sheree Johnson, RN

Every month, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic recognizes a staff member who is making a difference. This month, ADC recognized Sheree Johnson, RN and Clinical Manager for Pediatrics, Family Practice and EasyCare at our Circle C clinic.

Johnson has been working at ADC since March 1996, soon after moving to Austin from Amarillo,Texas to take care of a patient.

She says it was a happy mistake when she applied at ADC.

“Fortunately I walked into what I thought was the HR department for North Austin Hospital and accidentally entered The Austin Diagnostic Clinic’s HR department instead. (The HR departments were side-by-side in 1996 at the hospital.)” Johnson said.

She says she was hired right out of nursing school and has had the opportunity to advance and excel in her nursing career.

“I truly work with a wonderful group of individuals throughout the clinic,” she said. “The administrators, doctors, and staff have been supportive, caring, and giving from the very beginning, which makes my job easier.”

Her biggest reward?

“Helping to keep the children healthy and watching them grow,” Johnson said. “It is a pleasure to come to work each and every day. I never know what new challenges lay ahead.”